Saturday, May 2, 2009

Citygal Does Her Best Bee Rendition

No, I'm not a Buga-Boo, but I looove Beyonce!! So, when my friend K-La told me that Bee's personal nail specialist was coming to her house to do a Day of Beauty, I was all ready to be transformed into a Suga Mama!!

The set up was warm and relaxing-finger foods and wine with old and new friends present jamming to old school dance hall. After about 10 minutes or so, I sat before Lisa Logan. The true definition of a Citygal: she donned a dope haircut, was naturally pretty, dressed in all black and of course..had a hustle! We chatted about many things from how nails became her profession of choice to education in NY to the lack of nail techs of color. Everything flowed so smoothly, you couldn't tell me that I wasn't the megastar who just touched down on my private jet!

The nails are ab fab! When the company decides they want to pay me for advertising, I will post the name (wink), but until then check the photos and know this:these nails, a winning mega millions ticket, a pair of Louboutin boots and a few more crunch/plank combinations??? Jay would have an affair, act like an adult for once!

Well, all my single ladies, married ladies (and fierce guys, owwww!) the Writing's on the Wall because we are Speechless!! We are Crazy in Love with the woman and her work!! My gold metallic fishnet french got me feeling like a Naughty Girl! Now, I would be a Beautiful Liar if I said I'm posting Lisa's digits here but, google her and try to Upgrade U by Summertime!! (guilty! I don't have the latest album, clearly I need new material...)

Thanks Lisa for sharing your talent and Saturday with a few Citygals whose Mamas told them they are superstars, and thank you for treating us like everyone knows we are!!

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