Sunday, May 10, 2009

Citygal Does Cuticles...Life After Lisa Logan

Well, Minx and Manes was a sure fire success!! Good looks K-La!! Alas, a week has passed so, my sexy, gold, fishnet french has fizzled...I am Bee no more....

Back in real life, I am sitting in the midst of polish bottles at my Asian owned, Latina labored nail salon in Midtown. The popular polish brands along with ROY G BIV and all his children are present with me. The one with an "E" has a new line out for the Summer, NEON. It is HOT!! Flirty Fuchsia and Perky Purple look right for the feet. I tried it on my thumb and they dry kinda funny. They are extremely matte. I will find something for the feet, no worries....I need to focus on these hands!! What will I do now that I have had gold fingers?? Well, I can take it down a notch this week and keep it simple sexy with a nice, regular French manicure. There are a multitude of pinks before me, but, like every other aspect of my life (most times to my chagrin) it MUST be perfect!! White-not too white; Pink-not a chalky pink, it has to be juuuust right!! Just call me Manilocks! Girls, rev your engines, we are on the hunt for the Perfect Pink and White Combo!!

This search has been going on for years. I was never ecstatic about a French, well, I was a few months ago but forgot to write the polish names down. (HATE that!) Then there was my stint with Ballerina, a pink by a certain French designer, that was nice. Unfortunately, that bottle is $15 a pop, I broke the jar to get that last corner, and no salons keep them in stock. Well, not the ones that charge $35 for a mani-pedi combo!

Another thing that affects the perfect French is your nail tech's technique. When I was a Southerngal, the techs would create the white tip first and carve out a nice shape with cotton swab, polish remover and a stick. They would then fill in the rest of the nail with the desired pink or taupe. With the right colors, this works well. In the city, I find most techs put on a coat of the desired pink, freehand the white tip and then top off with the 2nd pink coat, covering the white as well. This calls for a sheer pink or a nude color. As a cocoa-caramel gal, neither works for me!! A nude color makes my fingers look more like Reese's sticks instead of a proper mani! I know, I know " Use Sugar Daddy!!",they screamed. Not for me gals, even though it seems to be the mainstay for the darker hued gal in most salons. But it is still not THE pink. ( I told you I'm difficult!)

During this trip, after getting ice grilled by owner Amy for trying on all the polishes, I paired Pinking Up the Pieces and Cloud Nine. The Cloud Nine is fab!! It gives me the pearly white I desire and nixes the insane asylum white they usually try to give you. Pinking is not bad, it may be a bit too heavy over the Cloud. (they use technique #2of course!) This makes for a not-so-French vibe. But, upon further study, I am noticing I may have created a new look....Yes gals, this citygal may have stumbled upon greatness!! The slight pearl under the not-too-sheer pink gives a new look, French, but NOT French....Maybe I'll call it...Ah!...Martinique Manicure! French- inspired-due -to -matters- beyond -our- control BUT African all the way!!

**BTW- tried the NEON Perky Purple, GREAT!! It's on the feet as we speak! It is a MUST for Summer. Suggestion: 3 coats with a good, clear, top coat fixes the matte issue, get those legs lasered and those feet scrubbed and put on your sexiest open-toed shoes! Bright, but live a little! OR since we are in Obama-land and have choices, do the matte. A trusted Citygal consultant says it may look fly with the metallic gladiators that are in for the Summer.


  1. Excellent. I think I'll try the mat finish. Something different for the sandles.

  2. OK I'm not really feeling that color and that gold is a no. I am more of a Revlon Red or old time favorite; Orange Flip. I just used the last of it. It was discontinued years ago. Now when you find that french color let me know. I need a nice french for the summer. Keep it coming.