Saturday, May 2, 2009

Citygal Does Downtown

So, it's Spring, officially.  The weather in the city has finally caught up with the calendar.  This month marks new beginnings, flowers blooming, tax returns descent from girlie graces because I have no idea what the designer Summer lines behold!! 

It's been a rough few years of city fashion, especially for a thicker-than-most Citygal.  You get to a point where it's like, "Screw these pretentious designers and the size 8s they flew in with!!" So, while I swallow elephant portions of H2O and Hoodia, I have willed myself to get my swag back via footwear!

Shoes!! Sweet nectar of the fashion gods!  Sexy stilettos to funky flats, I will do you all!!  The lifelong lust has finally manifested itself into love after my ability to make an honest accessory of a few coveted clogs.  Mario, Gucci, Chanel, Chloe..they show love from my quads down to that damned big ass big toe and I show love through the blanketed warmth of multiple credit card statements.

Those damn credit cards!! Where does a gal go to be loved so....without breaking the bank??

One gal had on a shoe that I thought was okay. "Hey, where'd you get those?" I asked dryly.  They might do, I just wasn't convinced..."Payless!" she replied. Ummmmmm....

I have walked coolly past Payless, but never looked too hard to not lead it on. After all, I was in a pretty steamy relationship with Giuseppe Z.  But, for an instant I decided to dip out and see if 'Less could give me more.  I walked in to rows of the same grandma-chewy-caramel brown and the smell...What??!! This was not love!! This is where sleezgals come to have twisted, sordid affairs with shoes!!  As to not cover the cheap dyeables with a vomit color,I bolted.  Still no shoes...

But wait...there is that store Downtown, the one Auntie Lisa took me to when I was young.  They're still there! And guess what gals?? They sell high end shoes, in addition to bridge and entry designers, and no shoe price exceeds 200 bucks. Blissful! So, I went to see the new lover I had taken down on Reade St.

It's an O.C.D shoegal's dream!! Floors of color coded and sized labels.  I went thru each stack and each floor like a British butler with a white glove.  I had some oooohs!; cooed some aaahhhhs! but spat too many "Helllll Nahs" for my liking!  Whoever was charged with pushing these shoes off the truck into the stock of this heavily discounted haven must be a stylist for Condi Rice! If you like like Delman, Sigerson Morrison, or Franco Sarto fare, you're good this season.  If Gucci is your game?? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig through this seemingly lackluster Summer material (which is the final inventory until Fall rolls around).  The shoes are so plentiful, it feels like you would spend all day trying on. But, I looked up in horror as I made a too-soon approach on the final marker of the mental blueprint I had drawn up to conquer the store.  So, like any lover who wants their relationship to work, I went back again to make sure I hit every corner right!

I did manage to skip away with 2 pairs- a sexy Casadei sandal and a playful Missoni wedge.  I did see a few Giuseppe's, but they just didn't turn me on.  Maybe I'm growing and looking to more responsible ways to spend money and to more adult concepts to tickle my fancy....Naaaaaaahhh!!! It was just an off day Downtown!


  1. Ok clearly your calling is stylist and sommelier, you're in the wrong profession! Come keep me company in Europe!

  2. stop using big words... LOL! Girl, give me a year!!! I told you I'm coming to do hair! '70s style too! Hot comb on the oven!